Sunday, April 4, 2010

So it begins...

I am starting off this blog because I am becoming just a bit interested in the setting of the Monster Blood Tattoo series as authored by DM Cornish. The setting is a wonderful blend of the fantastic, with monsters and alchemy and heroes and villains, with a good-sized helping of late 17th century/early 18th century 'historical' avenues.

Recently, I read the first book of the series, Foundling, and I am about to start the second, Lamplighter. Not only are these books fun to read, the author has provided a gold-mine of extra info on the setting in the Explicarium at the end of each book. The background info in the Explicarium is going to be very useful as I attempt to bring the Half-Continent to the tabletop.

Of course, no manufacturer of miniatures out there makes specific minis for this setting (yet???) but I believe that it will not be too hard to find proxies that, with some small bit of modification and tinkering, will look the part.

This project will have three parts:

1. A skirmish game, using 28mm or so minis.

2. A mass-battle game, using 15mm or maybe 10mm minis.

3. A naval combat game.

Of the three, #2 might be the easiest as the details that make troops of the Half-Continent different from their historical counterparts will be minimal and could perhaps be represented by a cunning stroke of the paintbrush. The skirmish game might be the most fun, but will require some work to alter existing minis to look the part. And the naval game will require building the ships from scratch as they are very different from the sailing ships of the 18th century.

All of this will be detailed here on this humble blog!


abdul666 said...

How it is that, while your 1st post is from early april, I discover -by chance- your blog only to-day? Clearly my 'bibliogarphical search' is unsufficient! Yet I regularly peruse the 18th C. and 'blog' forums on TMP, explore the links and followers' profiles on blogs of similar inclination... I knew you as a follower of the '18th C. sojourn' and for the 'Pewter-Pixel Wars', but never had the curiosity to visit the 'Threwdish Ways' (not a very explicit name for the uninitiated, but your interest for the 18th C. should have warned me) so far: how wrong!

El Grego said...


I have kept this blog under wraps for a long time, as I did not want to advertise it until I had some pics to go with it. So, your detective skills are not at fault, since I only mentioned it to the world yesterday!