Sunday, July 18, 2010

15mm minis!

The first package of 15mm miniatures has arrived for the H-C project!

This first order, from Minifigs, was really just a sampler to figure out which minis would work for the plan. I ordered one pack of 24 minis each of French, Dutch, and Russian troops.

Here are the pics:

The Dutch unit is in groups on the right, with the Russians en masse on the left. I was very surprised to find that the miniatures for the Dutch and Russian units are exactly the same - I do hope that it is intentional and the uniforms of the time for each nation were similar. But, since they are the same I now have two usable units for the collection. The French are a bit different which I will explain a bit later.

And, the first unit glued up to some nails and ready for painting - almost:

18 musketeers, 2 drummers, 2 standard bearers, and two officers.

A close-up. I did not realize until I was nearly finished with cleaning and gluing that the troops will need a slight modification. If you look closely, there is a strap for the ammunition pouch running across the mini from the left shoulder. But, there is no baldric running across from the right shoulder. So, I am going to try and add a baldric to each mini using Green Stuff epoxy... should be exciting!

Here is a close-up of the two officers. Originally, each mini was the same as the one on the right. But, I took a little time to change that. I clipped off the tip of the spontoon and flattened the shaft. With some carving and filing I think I have a reasonable sword for the commander.

This is a pic of some of the French troops. There minis are different from the other two, with the troops carrying their musket on the right, instead of the left. Not a huge difference but I really want to have the units appear similar, at least for now. Meanwhile, the French unit will be pressed into service as the test models for my attempts with green stuff, to make the baldrics.

Now, this is some actual progress! I still need several different pieces of the puzzle - Green stuff and some more paints (on order); bases; and of course many more minis!


abdul666 said...

I believe that historically the privates carried their muskets on the left shoulder (a left-over from the time they held the musket rest in the right hand) and sergeants on the right shoulder, as they had carried their distinctive halberd before.
Of course, it may be different in the Half-Continent...

An original and exciting wargaming initiative!


abdul666 said...

I'm sure 'Emperor vs Elector' wwould welcome the Half Continent (there is still plenty of empty room in the Pacific!).

I did not read the book, only comments on TMP: don't some troops types wsear a kind of quilted / padded armor not dissimilar to that worn by Conquistadors (conquistador minis + headswapp to dive them tricorns?)?

El Grego said...

So far, all of the artwork and references I have seen specify the left shoulder. I might save the French minis for a different realm once I get the first set of units on the gaming table. Thanks for visiting Jean-Louis!

abdul666 said...

Just for curiosity sake: on many 'official' illustrations men appear to wear 'something' above their breeches. Is this a kilt (or a kind of skirt as worn, I believe, by many English sailors til the mid 18th C.), or a wide, short 'overtrousers', like the 'divided skirt' that was for a time fashionable for young women?

abdul666 said...

Should have looked better before asking: looks clearly like a 'divided skirt' here.

Bluebear Jeff said...

For the baldrics, rather than use green stuff, why not just paint them on? It is quicker, simpler and from gaming distances, will look the same.

-- Jeff