Monday, September 27, 2010

The plan, altered

I am finding lately that no gaming plan goes unaltered after I start it... and this one is no exception.

I have found that I really do not like to paint 15mm minis. I had not painted any for many (10+) years but I thought to give it a go but it is a struggle. My wife pointed out to me that I was 'avoiding' the 15mm's, and mentioned that I had tried to paint 6mm and 10mm minis in the past - at least I tried, but 25mm seems to be the winner. And it has the approval of the missus which actually is a big benefit! There are some pros and cons in the switch however:


1. No duplication of effort in the minis for the skirmish and mass battle ranges - I intend to use these minis for both.

2. No duplication of effort for terrain of different scales.

3. Hopefully 1 and 2 will mean a bit less in monetary outlay!


1. Mini selection will be more important - the 15mm minis were more forgiving in their appearance for specific HC details.

2. Bigger surface needed for mass battles.

So, more info later as I continue to peruse mini selections...

On a brighter note, I have doodled up some preliminary drawings of a HC naval vessel...


Anonymous said...

It's funny, but I've actually experienced the reverse. A couple of years ago I had practically sworn off 15mm. Now I enjoy painting them far more than 28s in order to build armies (still using 28s, but the thought of building a whole FoG renaissance army is making me cringe).
I hope that the Spanish Succession will still be your focus - Wargames Factory should have their's out soon!

tradgardmastare said...

Great to hear your plans and I am sure it will all be for the best. I await to hear more of your figure choice with great interest. Are you posting your naval drawing here soon? Any more thoughts/change of plan re rules- what size of battalions are you raising in the bigger scale- I think the plan to use same figures in skirmish and big battle mode is an excellent one.
I am part of the way through the first book and really enjoying it.
best wishes
p.s What are you intending to do with the 15mm figures?

abdul666 said...

A wise observation from She Who Must Be Obeyed!
200% personal of course, but for me the heavier investment -in money, painting time and gaming area- is more than repaid by visual satisfaction.

Bluebear Jeff said...

It is always important to keep one's wife happy.

Also, please keep in mind the fact that we participate in this hobby because we enjoy it . . . if you are not enjoying painting the 15s, then stop doing it.

Keep it pleasurable for yourself.

-- Jeff

El Grego said...

Thanks for the comments - the WSS minis from Wargames Factory will be very interesting once they come out. I'm also looking at OG and Imperialist.

Alan, the 15mm's will probably go into a box to be uncovered in 5 or 6 years from now!