Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ships, part 3

A supply of balsa has been secured...

Finding these sheets took a bit more work than I had hoped. The first two stops, the local model train shop and art store, did not have any balsa. We had to go down to the area of the mall to the nearest HobbyTown USA, and, hidden away in a corner, was a nice supply of the material. My wife also found that shiny new cutting mat in the background - it is huge, at 24" x 36" it is bigger than the hobby table! It was also ½ the price of a similar mat at Michaels so there was much rejoicing!

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Yeah, finding balsa is becoming harder and harder. Places that used to carry it often don't anymore . . . and when you find it, the price has often jumped up significantly.

Of course another problem is that many hobby stores have gone out of business too.

-- Jeff