Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ships, part 6

More and more small steps on the way toward launch:

On my other blog, I wrote about purchasing some Xyston 1/600 ancient ships. Along with the ships, I bought some extra ship-board artillery, and after they arrived, I thought that some of them might make good lambasts for Half Continent ships.

Here is the basic hull and a sprue of ballista. They are a little large, but should work just fine. Also in this photo, one can just make out the deck planking - it will be much more apparent when painted.

And this is the hull with some extra parts for the deck fittings alongside. After looking again at the original artwork for this ship, I have made my mini with a greatly exaggerated vertical measurement - the hull is much taller than the scale. It is OK though, it does not look too bad and I like it! Even the piece with the hole drilled off-center...


Eli Arndt said...

This is an awesome project. As for the artillery being a bit big, that's not bad. A lot of times you want little details to be a bit exagerated.

Do you know if the author of the books has taken to heart any of the comments regarding the wargaming worthiness of his stuff?


El Grego said...

Thanks Eli.

For DM Cornish's opinion please see this blog and comments:

Eli Arndt said...

Hmmmmm...enthusiasm, though not exactly anything that says anythign about whether or not he might ever pursue an actual game based on his work.

Seems to have worked for the Hammer's Slammer's crowd :)

They took a bunch of gamer/fan enthusiasm and rolled it into an author-sanctioned official game.


tradgardmastare said...

Moving forward well- keep going it will be well worth it!
best wishes