Saturday, March 31, 2012

28mm figures, part 2

My Ebor Miniatures order arrived a few days ago, and here they are:

From the left:   WSSMS01 Sergeant of Musketeers; WSSM01 Musketeer stood firing; WSSM02 Musketeer kneeling firing; WSSM03 Musketeer kneeling

From the left:   WSSM04 Musketeer presenting arms; WSSM05 Musketeer marching; WSSM06 Musketeer marching;  WSSM07 Musketeer advancing high porte;  WSSM08 Musketeer marching

From the left:   WSSM09 Musketeer marching;  WSSM10 Musketeer marching;  WSSHM01 Headless musketeer marching;  WSSHM02 Headless musketeer marching

WSSMHS01  Head Sprue

I like the Ebor selection very much.  In particular, the faces stand out in their expressions.  And with the addition of the headless marching versions, there is a wide assortment of poses, however slight, to add life to your units.

Here's a pic with a Wargames Factory musketeer.  There are very similar in height and heft, with the WGF muskeeter slightly taller.  The two biggest differences are in the weapon and the face.  The WGF musket does not have much detail as compared to the one on the Ebor musketeers, and the WGF musket is very slender, delicate even.  The faces are quite different also, with the WGF figures having an odd shape to their eye sockets.  The Ebor faces look much more natural.  WGF does have a wide variety of heads on their sprues, but the recent release of the 'headless' Ebor musketeers along with their head sprue gives a lot more variety in marching poses.

One last note - the sergeant is a two-piece set; the halberd is not cast in the hand.  Also, the headless musketeers do not come with the head sprue; you need to purchase it separately.


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Moving on nicely...

C. von Grumpy said...

Very helpful pics, thanks!