Sunday, July 28, 2013

Grinnlings, part 1

The first pack of grinnlings have been pulled out of their package.  Now, the grinnlings on the Half Continent are small monsters that have taken to wearing the clothing of humans and occasionally sneaking into human cities.  This bit of background gave me an idea for a simple conversion of my gremlins from Reaper - adding a tricorn to one of them:

Here they are, along with a piece from the Wargames Factory WSS infantry set.

The bit I'm using is highlighted by the hexagon.  It is a simple conversion - trim the hat off, drill the bottom of the tricorn so it fits the top of a grinnling better, and some super glue to stick it on.

And, here is the first set, as of yet unpainted unfortunately:

The tricorn does not quite sit on the head properly, but I think it looks good.  This little conversion also re-acquainted me with the usefulness of the Wargames Factory plastic WSS boxes - even if you do not use them as designed, they are full of all sorts of bits that can be used for conversions and base enhancements.

My grinnlings, as compared to an Ebor infantryman.  These baskets are quite small, but a pack of them will be dangerous if underestimated.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Very creative, Greg. I like them.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Clever and efficient!

tradgardmastare said...

Great conversion idea,the tricorne figure is a great idea!

El Grego said...

Thank you all very much!

One of the great benefits of plastic miniatures is the ease of conversions.

Eli Arndt said...

So glad you are continuing this project. The "Foundling" setting is just ripe with wargaming goodness.


El Grego said...

Thanks Eli; it is slow progress to be sure, but the momentum is picking up lately!