Saturday, August 14, 2010

First unit started

I have decided that the first battalion to be painted up will be from Boschenberg, capital city of the realm Hergoatenbosch. Not surprisingly, this is the home of the main character in the Monster Blood Tattoo series, Rossamünd. Rossamünd is not in the employ of Boschenberg, so he will not be appearing in this unit. Will he be on the battlefield someday - hmmm, probably, when I can find an appropriate mini in 15mm!

The mottle of Boschenberg is brown and black - (mostly) brown platoon coat with black sash, cuffs, and vest.

I will have pics once I have at least three colors on the minis!


abdul666 said...

Loking eagerly forward to discover the first unit from the Half Continent!

Sorry if I spoiled your pleasure of annoucing your blog and project on TMP by unveiling untimely their existence: put the blame on my enthusiasm!

El Grego said...

No apologies are necessary my friend!